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Each time we pair a child with a mentor and empower them through our programs, we start something incredible – a life changing relationship built on friendship, trust and positive mentorship.


The potential mentor submits an application, including a reference check, for the program that they’re interested in. Once the application is reviewed and accepted, an interview and pre-match training are conducted. Finally, for Community Mentoring applicants, a home visit and proof of insurance and driver’s abstract are required.

Northern BC

In order to facilitate our program expansion throughout Northern BC, we’ll be working with nonprofit partners that already exist in each community. We’re excited to announce our first partnership with the Valemount Learning Centre to offer Big Brothers Big Sisters programming throughout the Robson Valley. We look forward to working with the staff of Valemount Learning Centre to initiate and execute BBBS programming in Valemount, and hopefully soon after, in McBride. For more information about our expansion please click here, and please reach out with any inquiries or questions regarding programming outside of Prince George.

 mentorship programs




Meaningful relationships between Bigs and Littles in your community




Positive interactions at one of our participating schools




Join a variety of activities in the community or in local schools


 frequently asked questions

+ What happens after I submit my Volunteer Application?

Once your application has been received by a Mentoring Coordinator we will process the application and contact your references. If you have not participated in an Orientation then one will be scheduled. Once your references have been contacted we will schedule an Interview and Pre-Match Training with you. Your Mentoring Coordinator will determine suitability for the program. Upon acceptance into the program the process will start in matching you with a mentee.

+ How long does the application process take?

The amount of time depends on how quickly your references get back to us. It can take up to 8 weeks for your application to be processed and references contacted, however, typically it is 2-3 weeks. After your references are completed you are required to complete both an Interview and Pre-Match Training and some paperwork, that can take anywhere from 1.5 weeks – 3 weeks. If you are applying to a Group Mentoring Program then you will be required to attend a Group Training Session with your fellow group mentors in addition to the above.

+ How is a match created between a mentor and mentee?

Matches are made on a best-fit basis. Our Mentoring Coordinators look at many factors of both the mentee and the mentor to ensure we are making the best match possible. Factors include, but are not limited to, interests, personality and location.

+ Do you have any activity ideas for me and my mentee?

Mentoring Coordinators are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to activities. Do not be afraid to email or call your Mentoring Coordinator to ask for ideas or suggestions. As the seasons change a new Activities List is made for our mentors. This can be found in our Become a Mentor page.

+ What days/times of the week do your programs run?

The only program that Big Brothers Big Sisters offers that runs on a schedule are Group Mentoring Programs. Group Mentoring Programs run through schools during school hours or immediately after school or in the evenings out of the Rotary Clubhouse.

All other Big Brothers Big Sisters programs have requirements for how often you meet and when, but those are determined on a match by match basis.

Our programs wouldn’t be possible without the help from our donors and sponsors. Thank you for your support.